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Three Humanitarians with a vision to heal through music come together to form the Spirit of Music Foundation. Founded by

Motivational Musician Tony Saint Tone -  The Spirit of Music Foundation is a non profit that came along after many years of sharing the healing gift of music. As a 30 year music veteran, Tony has traveled around the world entertaining our U.S. Troops in over 25 countries.  He has volunteered his talents for over numerous organizations, nursing homes,  jail and probation programs,  children's hospitals and fundraising events.  "Music has a healing Power that is  hard to explain but very easily felt when you are within it's incredible vibration. I love watching people transform as the music plays", says Tony. His original songs with lyrics speaking of self empowerment and positive actions, are embraced by audiences of all ages and ethnicities. Along with Free Concerts Tony's Original Music 

​is given away as CDs with lyric booklets so people can enjoy the music after the show is done.

He is joined in this quest for musical healing by Janie Boisclair, Host of International Radio Show "Humanitarian Radio", which broadcasts "good news for your soul" to 17 countries to date.  As a female empowerment speaker and intuitive life coach, she has worked with Fortune 500 companies, doctors, celebrities, etc, flowing them into a 

guided reinvention of themselves.  With her powerful vocal capabilities and delicate keyboard and percussion skills, Janie has found a loving spot next to Tony as they perform to heal the hearts of the masses.  "I find it so rewarding to bring a heart to life through lyrics that wake up the senses.  It is a performance of love for humans that brings me to enjoy the passion of a soul who has just been revived through song"  said Janie.

Add David Gilman to the mix and you have a trifecta of heartfelt talent. David has been performing with Tony for over 25 years and has shared the stage in many of the life changing performances. He brings talent as a guitarist/performer and wisdom and compassion to organization to help it run like a well oiled machine.  

 With YOUR Help we can continue to perform for those in need of a Life lift. Please consider Donating Today.