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Providing the Healing Power of Music 

through FREE Musical Entertainment &

CDs to those in Need of a Life Lift!

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CHILDren in schools and after school CARE
us troops overseas  / veterans at home

Spirit of Music Foundation 501(c) (3) is a Nonprofit that delivers the Healing Power of Words & Music to Everyone and Anyone who can use a Positive Transformation. They have a great support team of musicians around the world willing to heal hearts with their talents, allowing us to spread Positive Music globally. Under privileged kids, communities, and schools, homeless shelters, hospitals, veterans, incarcerated, elderly homes, retreats,  & nonprofits can ALL receive FREE Concerts and Recordings of Positive Music with YOUR Help.

Please consider Giving the Gift of Music through you Tax Deductible Donations Today.

"Music is so important to the well being of our residents - When they listen to songs performed live you can feel the people get excited - they remember moments in their life of when they first heard it and it makes for a great experience"

Activities Director

Royal Gardens of Camarillo‚Äč

Assisted Living Facility

SPIRITUAL CENTERS / homeless shelters